Albion Cycles Cap

Picked up these 2 caps from Albion Cycling. Optimal peak size, beautiful colours, classy logo. Too nice to wear under my helmet whilst the weather is cold. Might just wear them around the house until it stops raining. Then I can pop one on and dick around down the high street on my fixie. Those are the best times.

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Review: Chrome Industries Night Bravo 2.0 Backpack

When I was a kid I used to dream that my house had a secret room that I just hadn’t discovered yet. Nothing sinister, just a room that was waiting to be discovered and used for whatever purpose I saw fit. The closest I’ve ever come to that was last week when I was rooting through my Chrome Industries Night Bravo 2.0 Backpack, which I’ve had for a year, and found a pocket that I never knew existed. I’ve not been able to turn it into a music or games room, but it is an ideal place to stash my headphones and a load of usb cables.



I was nervous when I forked out $185 large for the rucksack. You shouldn’t be nervous as Chrome stuff has a lifetime guarantee, although I got burned by that with the last bag I purchased. The metal clasps, for adjusting the straps, broke almost immediately and I then found out that the guarantee didn’t extend to anywhere outside of the US. Still, they did replace the parts for free, just in a totally different colour. When the heavyweight zip broke I decided it was time to go for something new, and thats when I took the risk on the Night Bravo 2.0 and I’m glad I did.



The layout of this bag is perfect for the British weather, by that I mean it’s got enough room to bang in an entire set of work clothes, a spare set of cycling clothes, and still be left with change. It’ll keep the whole lot dry too. You have to be a bit military about how you pack it, as the main, roll top part of the bag is just one big compartment, so don’t put the thing you’re going to need most, at the bottom.


At the front, there’s a compartment for a laptop. It’s only closed via a velcro tab, but it’s safe as houses. Any pick pocket would need to give you a heavy does of fentanyl before their light fingers could reach in and take your precious mac. There’s also a handy side pocket for stashing a D-lock, helping you score even more fakenger points.


The bag looks dope, even on me and I’m only about 5.7", I just have to be careful not to overfill it, otherwise the ratio of bag to man gets out of hand. The only problem, and this is the same with most roll tops, is that when they’re full it can be quite hard to see over your shoulder when you’re riding. I’d advise you to practice twisting your back before you start thinking about changing lanes in traffic.

A year on and the bag is solid as ever. You can get them here.


Review: Rapha Hooded Rain Jacket

Transitioning from making stuff that is specifically for wearing when you’re riding a bike to stuff that you can wear off it is obviously the only way Rapha could expand. Most of us have enough money for the deposit on a house invested in Rapha cycling gear, so this is the best way to leverage a bit more out of us. Remember when there was that whole backlash against Rapha? You know when people were pointing out that it was just for posers and that new influx of road cyclists that came along with Wiggo’s Tour De France win? Actually that backlash is probably still going on amongst a small minority but the rest of us have realised that although Rapha stuff costs a packet, it looks great and more importantly it works better than most other brands. Case in point, the Rapha Winter jersey thing that I’ve got is about the only thing I’ve worn between October and March for the past 3 years. It’s bloody amazing. Oh and their rain jacket is one of the few out there that actually makes a significant effort in keeping rain out. 



With that in mind I invested a small fortune in the hooded rain jacket. I’ve just looked at it on the Rapha site and it’s £230. I can’t remember forking out that much so I must have had a good week or have been incredibly flushed with cash after Christmas. Either way I’ve got one and I definitely bought it. 


Now I don’t need much convincing to wear a cycling brand when not cycling, I’ve done a whole day at work in bib shorts before. Admittedly I had forgotten my trousers and even more admittedly I did apologise to literally everyone I had to work with. Now that was actual cycling specific gear, this jacket is kind of a hybrid of casual and cycling wear. I’m normally well suspicious of that sort of stuff, you know like a shirt designed for commuting in, or a blazer that is at home on Alpe D’Huez as it is on a cycle superhighway. If you’re going to commit to something then go all in. Either you’re wearing a suit or you’re head to toe in lycra, let’s not try and combine the two as the outcome is almost always ungodly and impractical. Saying that most of this stuff looks great in photos. 

In spite of my reservations the Rapha Hooded Rain Jacket is actually amazing. I’ve not ridden much in it and I really don’t want it to ever see any rain as it looks far too great for that. I’ve worn mine for a short trip to Tesco in a bit of drizzle and it worked just fine. That’s about as hardcore as I really want to get with it. Would I recommend this for the serious rider? Only one who can afford two of them, one for outdoors and one for in. I’ll keep wearing mine when it’s safe to do so like when I’m doing things for instagram on my fixie. I hate myself but I look great. Big up yourselves Rapha.

Hizoku Cycles

Copped this ace jersey and hat combo from Hizoku Cycles. They're based out in California so I thought I'd share it with you whilst the Amgen Tour Of California is on.

Hizoku (Pronouced High-Zo-Koo), translates to Rebel in Japanese, and the company was formed by Christopher and Richard Dippner in 2009.

As well as their own branded apparel, Hizoku also carries stuff from other independent US labels, so their store is well worth checking out.... As is their instagram.

Check how well the Jersey goes with the DHB arm warmers I'm wearing.

Cap and Jersey - Hizoku. Glasses - Oakley. Shorts - Rivelo. Arm Warmers - DHB. Socks - DeFeet

Cap and Jersey - Hizoku. Glasses - Oakley. Shorts - Rivelo. Arm Warmers - DHB. Socks - DeFeet

Paul Smith x Respoke

I'm getting married in just over a week. Being from Nottingham it's only right that I'm going to be wearing all Paul Smith. Paul's a huge cycling fan and so I managed to cop these ace cufflinks. The tie pin comes via Respoke who use recycled spokes to create rad handcrafted accessories and jewellery.