“Imagine a parallel world where America is under the rule of the Nazis.” I imagine that’s how the people behind The Man In The High Castle pitched the idea. Doing that now would be like opening your pitch with “imagine a world in which the government of the UK know something is a really bad idea yet they’re going to go ahead with it anyway.” Look, I apologise for that lame joke about how the terrible parallel universe in which The Man In The High Castle is set doesn’t seem all that different to actual reality as I imagine anyone who’s reviewed it has already pointed out. At least I don’t claim to be clever by doing it, and at least I put some effort into the structure of the joke. From here on in I promise not to point out any more similarities between the TV show and our reality. Anyways this is a Turbo TV review, you came here to find out how good this show is for watching whilst you’re trying to see how long you can hold 1 billion watts for.

In a parallel universe this is what your Turbo might look like.

In a parallel universe this is what your Turbo might look like.


I watched the entire first season of the show whilst in bed, so I’ve got something solid to compare the experience of watching the second season whilst topless and dripping in my own fluids to. The headline is that the experience was considerably worse, the jury is out on whether this has anything to do with the show or not.


In terms of the show it picks up where I can’t remember season 1 leaving off. The protagonist, who I’m pretty sure is called Juliana, has finally found and met the Man In The High Castle. The Nazis and the Japanese are both looking for him but he’s so far given them the slip. I reckon that’s because they’re looking for an actual High Castle when in reality he lives in a mucky old barn. Clever. When Juliana meets him it turns out that the Man In The High Castle is actually Bill from King Of The Hill only this time he’s not a drawing and he hasn’t been drinking all day. 


If you haven’t seen the first season then I’ll do some sort of explaining. The man in the high castle is a guy who collects old newsreels that show a load of different realities. There are all kinds of different realities in the films but the popular ones seem to the ones in which the Nazis didn’t win the war. There's probably even a film in there that shows a reality in which everyone knows for sure what was inside Bradley Wiggins’ jiffy bag. The rest of the season follows Juliana as she is exploited by both the Nazis and the resistance. With each group she alters between looking sad or looking apologetic. Occasionally she combines both of these looks. We also have a semi -lighthearted story line in which a bunch of people do some art fraud in the Japanese controlled part of America, and a bit about the resistance in that same part of America trying to blow up the bad guys. There’s also a Japanese guy that can travel into parallel universes and a Nazi family struggling with the fact that their son has a genetic defect. Something for everyone then.


So is it any good for watching on the Turbo? In my current reality I’d say so. The producers seem to have decided that each scene should last for around 3 minutes so it’s easy to time your intervals to. I had a memorable threshold session which choreographed perfectly with some Nazi wives having afternoon tea together. It made me so cross that I think some World Tour teams took notice of my power output. If you see me riding the Tour De France in 2018 then remember to pen a nice thank you note to your local Nazi. If you live in Washington DC they should be quite easy to find. I’m going to stop now before I do another one of those.