Lotto-Soudal are kind of the oldest team in the World Tour. I mean they're the oldest in the same way that Trigger's Broom is really old, despite having the brush and handle replaced several times. I think we've actually decided that Movistar is the proper oldest team in the World Tour but the Lotto bit of Lotto-Soudal is also bloody old. It's not the same as the Lotto from Lotto-Jumbo, incidentally. The former Lotto have been involved in cycling since 1985 and if you're interested in the history of the team then my Cycling Podcast friend, Lionel Birnie, does a great job of summing it up in the latest Friends Of The Podcast Episode.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 15.09.42.png

Lionel got to spend a few days with Lotto-Soudal at their Majorca training camp. He was there for the bit before it started really snowing. It's a great listen and I got to make it. I'm particularly proud of the bit at the start where I do a decent job of portraying Lars Bak and Adam Hansen as Cycling's version of The Odd Couple.